Sales Training for Business owners, Sales professionals, Sales Managers, and individuals

Sales Training for Business owners, Sales professionals, Sales Managers, and individuals

  • Are you a Business owner, sales professional or manager looking to advance your sales skills?
  • Are you a training manager sourcing training programs for the sales staff at your organization?
  • Are you an individual who is looking to take up sales as your career?

If yes, our sales training programs can help.  Whether you need open house courses or bespoke in-house training, our programs are a great fit.

Open house sales training

Our open house sales training courses are ideal for training individual sales reps or a small group without bringing the trainers in-house.

In-house sales training

In-house training programs are ideal for Companies who want to train many sales professionals at once. These programs ensure alignment of skill sets in a group.

Our Sales Training includes

Key selling skills

This module will teach you how to

  • Explain the buying and selling processes
  • Create your own sales plan
  • Make agenda and prepare for meetings
  • Identify needs and propose solutions
  • Ask need-identification questions and recommend solutions
  • Overcome objections and deal with the conversation stoppers positively
  • Understand different types of buyers and strategically deal with each type
  • Use different kinds of closing techniques

Advanced selling skills

This program will teach you how to

  • Identify the buying preferences of the customer
  • Discover customer motivations
  • How to build customer relationships
  • Map products and solutions to the needs of the customer and buying preferences
  • How to gain commitments for the next step
  • Manage key accounts
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Sell to different types of customers

Inbound telephone skills

This program will teach you how to

  • Define your sales role
  • Understand basics of outstanding customer service
  • Effectively communicate via telephone
  • Create a sales framework
  • Effectively listen to conversations
  • Ask intelligent questions in the context
  • Explain products and services meaningfully
  • Gain commitment to the next step
  • Close the sale
  • Deliver outstanding customer service

Outbound telephone skills

This program will teach you

  • How to make outbound sales calls with confidence and professionalism
  • Understand customer service in a telesales call
  • Structure calls
  • Questioning skills
  • Listening skills
  • Identify needs
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
  • Close the sale

Customer care skills

This training will teach you

  • How to effectively communicate with prospects and customers
  • How effective communication impacts excellent customer service
  • How to recognize customer expectations with regard to customer service and the implications of not meeting the standards
  • How to handle challenging clients

Sales Management

This program will help you

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your role as a Sales Manager
  • Develop sales plans and targeting techniques to get results from your sales team
  • Recruit high-performance sales reps
  • Develop and follow an effective interview strategy
  • Develop sales training plan for sales reps
  • Sales meeting management techniques
  • Motivate and coach sales reps
  • Communicate effectively with the sales team
  • Appraise performance

Presentation skills

This training will teach you how to

  • Prepare effective presentations
  • Develop a unique presentation style
  • Structure a stunning presentation
  • Use visual aids in presentations
  • Attract the attention of the audience and hold it to the end
  • Handle conversation stoppers effectively
  • Conclude the presentation with power

Negotiation skills

This training will teach you

  • The secrets to simplifying negotiation
  • Prepare for a negotiation
  • Start the negotiation with confidence
  • Keep control of the negotiation
  • Deal with a wide range of customers
  • Structure negotiation
  • Negotiation tactics

Deal with tough negotiators in a positive way

Time-management and self-management skills

  • Identify and eliminate time wasters
  • How to overcome bottlenecks to performance
  • The importance of planning, organizing and managing time in the sales process
  • Identify potential problems and prevent them
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