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Designing an email is making the most of the brief chance you have with your subscribers. While making an email it is important to have in mind that you should be transparent. We should not use cryptic user name, headers or copy. Innovations are good but only in those places where it needed. Email designs should be little bit obvious and we should use fewer words in them. A call of action is the life line of any email. You should repeat your call of action at least two times and make sure you remove all the non-essential items from it. We are filled with such tips and advices you need at the time of email marketing and yes we habitually give our best shot when it comes to designing an email. Out of hundreds of benefits of email marketing, some of them are; low cost, fast responses, global reach, interactive and high return on investment.

For email optimization, we usually prefer three techniques, i.e.; list segmentation, A/B testing and adopt a process and make a plan.